at 2 weeks


Right now, I am doing absolutely nothing but sitting in our sunsoaked bedroom with our little gal lying on my lap fast asleep. There are a lot of busy moments where crazy stuff happens — she will be crying, then in relaxed mode and feeding, then spitting up, and then freaking out again while I change her, then hungry again, then pooping, then changing of the diaper commences again, plus more crying and freaking out, then finally she is quiet and sleeping and I look over and it’s been an hour … and I think, wowza! I didn’t expect it to be so much work! And at 3 in the morning! But it’s nothing I can’t handle, especially with the help of Brian. You just do it. Just like our parents did. I just keep thinking, “she needs me.” We need each other. It is soo worth it to have moments like this, when I look down at her sweet little face sleeping so peacefully and feel so grateful and happy, like I never have in all my life. It makes me cry every time. All the work it takes, all the unexpected moments of chaos just fly by. They disappear when moments like this with her steal my heart.. All of it. This is true love.


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