All day Ellie day


Today I had the rare opportunity to spend all day with Ellie (Sarah photographed a wedding)! Here are just a few photographs of our adventure.

This is Ellie listening to a piece at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts – this piece in particular was a video of a counseling session, in which someone is discussing their turbulent love life (in French). Ellie’s facial expression is her critical response.


We came home to unwind after spending all morning and afternoon out enjoying the beautiful Spring weather! Ellie decided that some of our living-room items needed rearranging . . . I agreed. If left up to Ellie, this is how she would have things around here.


Before Ellie’s night-time routine (eat, play, bath, play, read, & pretend to fall asleep for an hour or so) we went to the fountain by our house to enjoy the sunset, water sounds, and (as always) the wind!

She fell asleep in her bed, amongst an Elmo doll and a strange stuffed giraffe that plays music as its head and neck gyrate. I could not have asked for anything more than to share in these simple pleasures with Ellie. There are moments when everything in the universe seems to align, granting you access to something that is so simple, pure, and meaningful that it is ineffable. Days that I get to watch Eleanor experience the world as it unfolds according to the secret future that precedes her every step, I am reminded of the preciousness of time, and embarrassed by my constant mismanagement of it. Nevertheless, I am thankful for time, even though there never seems like there is enough of it. Live loud, live slow, and ALWAYS give thanks.


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