Eleanor’s In-sight | is our story.

We are a family of three, embarking on the extraordinary adventure of learning to see the world without sight. This is what we have thought about, cried about, laughed about, learned about, and loved in one another.

It is the story of Eleanor | our amazing daughter.

You can read about E here: Meet Eleanor

It is the story of Brian and Sarah | Us, Eleanor’s parents.

We were married in 2011. We found out that we were going to have Ellie several months after Brian proposed to Sarah. We were incredibly nervous and excited. Somehow we managed to pull everything together and plan a wedding, make Dr.’s appointments, actually get married, move in together, and have our honeymoon before Ellie showed up in November, 2011. Our Pregnancy Story.

From Ellie’s arrival, Sarah had elected to stay at home to provide focus for Ellie’s many therapies. Last summer she landed the fabulous and insightful job of being a “Braillist” for a blind 2nd-grader in a general education classroom. She has since had the opportunity to learn to read and write in Grade 2 (contracted) braille! She also loves to make art, photograph, and read (if there’s time!).

Brian is part stay-at-home dad and part graduate student. When he isn’t studying, he spends his time reading, cooking, and making Eleanor giggle!

It is the story of YOU | our community.

We decided to write this blog because of the inspiration, support, and solace we have found through reading the stories of other people and parents, especially those in similar situations as us. Our hope is that we can do something of the same for you. Our greatest overall wish for all of us is that by hearing and sharing stories of people who are differently-abled, we will continue to open our hearts and minds to create a welcoming community of acceptance, love, and an ability to see the potential in each and every human being.

If you’re new here, you may want to start with these blog entries:
Our Pregnancy Story
Learning about Eleanor’s Blindness



  1. Laura

    I’m Ellie’s little friend Olivia’s Grammy. Olivia’s mommy, Jenny, is my daughter and she told me about your blog. I look forward to reading about your journey. Ellie is beautiful!!

    • Sarah M.

      Thank you so much Laura! Your little Olivia is beautiful, and I just LOVE Jenny. She is such a sweet momma. I’m so glad to have met them. Glad you enjoyed reading the blog!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I live in India and foster 13 children with special needs, 6 of whom are blind. Most of my blind children have other profound disabilities, but my little girl Charlotte and I just started learning Braille together. I LOVED your post about early literacy and it gave me so many ideas of things I can try with her. Thank you for sharing!


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